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July 09, 2008

Stating the obvious

There hasn't been much activity here of late. I've closed comments & trackbacks for now because of the vast amounts of spam. At some point I will upgrade my version of MT, so the site may look wonky for a while.

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April 27, 2007

I have issues...

Yes, what else is new? Anyway, I've been doing a massive eradication of comment and trackback spam and it appears I may have been overzealous and deleted actual comments. Arrgh.

I've scaled back the filter so hopefully you should be able to comment if you choose. Also, I need to upgrade my MT platform - always a fun endeavor.

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October 22, 2006

one door shuts

I've decided to stop writing here. I might take it up again, but for now I just have the feeling that it's time.

Thank you for your kindness in coming here.

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May 17, 2005

Tinkering Under the Hood

I've been working periodically on improving the site's design, and I think it's ready to use now. Please let me know if you spot any weird quirks, especially if you're using a browser other than Explorer.

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May 03, 2005

Comments Issue

I've been alerted that something is up with my comments. Ack. Will get that fixed shortly. I was tinkering with my redesign last night and must have made changes to the wrong set of templates. Clearly I should work on these things when I'm less tired!

Addendum: Getting the following message, both when attempting to preview or post a comment:

An error occurred:

No entry_id

Any ideas, please send me a message at

Addendum the second: COMMENTS FIXED. Turns out it wasn't my templates. I had fiddled with my host settings so that the URL would appear as "" instead of "" However, I think I was supposed to revise my configuration file (mt.cfg) accordingly, which I didn't do, and which led to the resulting error message. Maybe we'll try that some other time. Whew! I was thinking I might have to scrap all my templates and go with the default ones until I sorted this out.

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February 03, 2005

Site Design, ever evolving

I keep talking about revising my template and I've got a workable setup. I just need to sit down and hammer it out, instead of going on and on, talking about doing it when I should just shut up and do it. In the meantime, I've changed my wallpaper to the ivy pattern that you see now. It's always been my idea to rotate the background image, with the seasons perhaps, to evoke the sense that the Armoire was situated in different rooms of some old Victorian manse, at least as reflected through the change in background. At least it's a way to refresh the look of the site periodically without too much revamping of my templates.

Anyway, this dark ivy is more fitting these cold, sunless days. I'm hoping that by making this little change, it will spur me into action, since I want to be accountable not just to myself, but to those of you who bother to stop by - for which I thank you.

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December 05, 2004

Quicker Than I Thought

If you're reading this, welcome! Hopefully the moving of the Armoire was completely uneventful for you.

I just transferred my domain name to the new host, literally minutes ago. I can't explain how it works, but it appears that I did the things I was supposed to do, so now points to the new host server. There will be some back-end stuff to do to reflect the change, but I won't go into the boring details. I will also have to re-import some entries of the last few days to reflect more recent versions which contain comments and other edits. [Update: DONE.]

However, I'd like to apologize for some of what I wrote in yesterday's post. In my own mind, I knew that I was being over the top in bitching and moaning about moving my site. What I didn't realize, until I got some of your comments, was that I had gone too far in trying to be flip and funny for the sake of an otherwise technical, dull post. In pretending to be a jerk, I became one instead.

I feel horrible - this is exactly the kind of thing that gets me into trouble with people. I can't just say what's on my mind, I have to try and be funny about it. Usually I'm brutal at my own expense, which is ok. But then I apply that same level of sarcasm at others, and it bombs, because being on the receiving end when you don't know where I'm coming from isn't fun. Moreover, even knowing I meant to be funny doesn't always mean that what I said or wrote still wasn't mean or hurtful to say, especially at someone else's expense. Maybe I'm even fooling myself, telling myself I'm being funny, but using that as an excuse to say things I would never say with a straight face - to someone's face. Really, I should know better, especially here, of all places!

I immediately apologized to my friend, mrw, for saying these things. He said I only had had to ask for his help, instead of blowing a misunderstanding out of proportion. Yeah, I was frustrated at having to move the site, at having to do the work of installing MT. Ultimately the experience was worth the aggravation because now I know more about the innards and can do more to maintain the site myself. I should know how to do these things, instead of imposing on others. But my being frustrated and obsessed wasn't an excuse for taking it out on my friend. (Yes, fortunately, he still thinks I'm worth his time.)

This is a lot of self-flagellation for what is ultimately a molehill situation. But it's become increasingly clear that I could save myself a lot of grief if I could learn to speak more openly with others, instead of always being ready to make a quip, regardless of the situation. Instead of connecting, I'm using humor as a wall between myself and others. In trying to be likable, by being entertaining (at attempting to be, at any rate), I end up alienating people. Why do I have to perform? Why can't I just be a nice person? Why can't I just be myself?

December 04, 2004

Moving Notice & Other Pronouncements

I'm going to deactivate comments temporarily, for several reasons:

1. Fucking Comment Spam. I wish MT had a better interface for deleting comments. I wish MT had a button that let you zap and electrocute the asses that do this for a living.

2. Moving This Weekend (12/3-12/4). I will most likely move the site THIS weekend, meaning that the URL may not seem to work for a heart-clutching 24-48 hours to possibly longer (lord, I hope not). So DO NOT PANIC, dear handful of regulars. I shall return. You can find me at www.ladycrumpet.ORG while we all wait for the .COM address to finish propagating. Of course this notice might have been more helpful a few days ago.

2a. Still MT for Now. No, I don't want to hear about why I should move to a different platform. I've installed and re-installed Movable Type too many times in the past ten days to contemplate something else at this point, even though it would probably mean the restoration of my sanity. But I have gone from knowing squat about MySQL to setting up databases, dumping and importing them, and also using SSH to work basic Unix commands, including removing whole directories with stuff still in them. *gasp* Those of you with real computer skills can just quit laughing now. Pretty please. I find that it helps to work in small chunks of time on discrete tasks. That sometimes one needs to step away in order for the simpler solution or idea to present itself.

2b. All By Myself, If I Do Say So...Myself. I did this practically on my own, without much input from certain people who promised to help and then jilted me once I joined their recommended host and ran off with their referral bounty, leaving me, after ugly bouts of self-pity, to SUCK IT and DO IT MYSELF. That's ok - I found the anonymous love through the support forums at DreamHost and Movable Type. This time I have a binder, with tabs, containing manuals and copious notes. This time I haven't rushed anything. Well, when I did, I made mistakes and had to figure them out and fix them. It didn't kill me, so I am stronger, I guess.

2b. Favorite New Phrase: "Suck it" - thanks to LTR for sharing this most useful sordid expression - and for not directing it at me. Sort of a variation on "suck it up" but slightly more crude and potent, which so appeals to my inner cretin.

2c. Bad Form. If I'm overdosing on the ALL CAPS and swearing a bit too freely, it's because I'm a little loopy being up so early, being unable to sleep. Also I've been reading John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany, whose title character speaks in ALL CAPS, ALL THE DAMN TIME. I'm trying to decide if I want to bother finishing the book. I am just not that excited about it, and it's not like I don't have things I want to read, like returning to Jonathan Strange.

3. Oh Well. There was going to be another point, but I forgot what. Maybe it was one of the above.

November 28, 2004

Notes from a Long Weekend

My sister was in the capable, if smothering, hands of my parents and other sister. After all that could be done was done, I became superfluous. So despite the long, anxious hours of Wednesday night, I still managed to head out for a planned holiday trip to visit my other extended family. It was as I expected - a lot of hanging out in front of the tv, lounging and taking naps, eating and overeating, and long, drawn-out rounds of dominoes. We also fit in a boat ride on the lake. It was fun.

By Saturday, though, I'd hit my limit on family time. The same little things bug me every time we get together, and I've got to get over this. A lot of these irritants are really a reflection of larger, unvoiced issues that I can't do anything about. So the only thing I can control is my response. In practical terms, this means keeping myself from lashing out like a hissing, spitting cat. In my own family, we are way too prone to exploding needlessly, so I'm dealing between two extremes - denial and outburst. It's frustrating to be unable to do anything, but I can't fix people's problems for them. I have enough of my own, anyway.

By Saturday afternoon I was back in town. My sister was resting up and I even managed a small flurry of housekeeping. (There's no way I can possibly shed as much hair as the cats.)

Also spent long hours working on the host-changing for the blog. Mainly it's slow going because I'm having to learn what I'm doing as I go along. But, I've managed to successfully install Movable Type on my new server, using MySQL instead of the default Berkeley database support. Hurrah! But now I have to somehow convert my current data first. But that's a headache for another day.

August 13, 2004

Notable Search Strings

I don't believe I've mentioned any examples of searches which point to this site. For July:

    cross stitch and blood feast
    bad lady gallery
    why does a lady confide so much in a guy?
    booty of the week no popups
    exploded view of an armoire
    assclown wallpaper
    discussion about george orwell s politics and the english language
    homemade products to euthanize your ill cat [WTF??? - LC]
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June 16, 2004

Forced Preview Removed

Well it didn't take long for this feature to become annoying, did it? Since I've implemented several other anti-spam options, I've reinstated the code so that you can just post your comments without having to preview them first. It's always a good idea to preview, but I leave it up to you.

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June 08, 2004

Fortifying Comments

More back-end tweaks last night. My new favorite resource is Learning Movable Type, which has been extremely useful to me of late. Elise's post concerning spam gave me quite a few suggestions for how to deter comment spam. The most noticeable effect is that if you post a comment, you have to click "preview" before you click "post." I've also implemented the CloseComments plugin which will close out older posts after a certain period of time.

Currently I am trying to figure out how to set my comments so that they won't display people's email addresses. In the meantime, it's been a little over a year since I made the transition to Movable Type, and what do you know, I have an opportunity for another quiz.

Addendum: How to Hide E-mail Addresses in Movable Type: Changed the code in several templates from <$MTCommentAuthorLink spam_protect="1"$> to <$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0"$>. It took me a while to figure out that this code should be changed in the various comment templates, as well as the Individual Entry Archive template. This last one is important for me, because since I'm now directing people to the individual entry page in order to read or post comments, the code takes effect and conceals the e-mail address from the main site. I've also now noted in the comment form that the e-mail address is "never displayed" to let people know as well.

1. Dan Black Belt

You are a novice. An experienced one. The road that lies ahead is no less long and winding than what it was, but your sense of direction is better than it was when you started your career as a practitioner of MT-Do.

Take the MT-Do test

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May 26, 2004

Check Your Links

Major back-end changes:

1. I've decided to switch over to PHP after all. Changed the configuration for my archive files, as well as the output files for my templates, from HTML to PHP. Cleaned out the directories on my server space so that only the PHP files remain and not the corresponding HTML files.

2. At the same time, I changed the coding for the URLs that are generated whenever I post. At some point my permalinks to individual posts went screwy, either through deleting posts and rebuilding the site, or during the hosting changeover. Since I already messed up my links, I figured I might as well start from scratch with URLS that use the titles of my posts instead of a meaningless number. So these permalinks should be fairly permanent now. I'll be much more conscientious about disrupting links in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Source: Learning Movable Type - a really good site that offers helpful hints for people learning their way around MT.

Yours, &c., LC at 03:33 PM | Admin

May 18, 2004


So I'm just beginning to understand the concept of a test blog.

You mean I don't have to inflict my weird color choices and formatting issues on the unsuspecting public? You mean I can create a duplicate space to test out my paltry CSS skills?

Like, duh.

Addendum: Nonetheless I'm still tinkering here on the real site. Changes of note include revising the dimensions of the comment pop-up (still not keen about), changing the color of the main body to beige, so it works better with the background wallpaper. Checking the appearance in both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution as well. And still trying to decide what color the date bar should be.

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May 17, 2004


Inserted code for the background color for various little headers, such as the date, or the title post as listed in the comments. Still not thrilled with the way my archives look, with the background image visible between the sections for the date bar and the post itself, but it works for now.

Please let me know if there are other iffy visual problems.

Yours, &c., LC at 12:49 PM | Admin | Comments (2)

May 13, 2004

Archive File Extension

MT users, what do you recommend? Currently I'm set at "html" but is there a reason I should change it, perhaps to "php"?

Yours, &c., LC at 01:32 PM | Admin | Comments (6)

May 12, 2004

How to set background image in CSS

In the body portion of your stylesheet:

body {
margin: 10px 75px 10px 75px;

Substitute background-image: url("INSERT URL PATH HERE"); for the background line above, which merely sets the background color.

I'll be using this once I'm sure the templates for my other pages, such as the archives, work with this accordingly.

Yours, &c., LC at 04:32 PM | Admin

The Clean and the Dirty

On the one hand, it's great that my new host does free installations of blog software for you.

On the other, it was a few sweaty moments before I figured out where I needed to set up my Import folder. Hint: IN the MT directory.

Right now I'll just leave up the basic template until I figure out how to reestablish my other features.

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May 11, 2004

Changing of the Host

Don't know how much access I will have shortly, as I'm in the middle of moving the site. I finally settled on Bloghosts. So if the Armoire isn't available for a few days, it's just maintenance, not sabotage (unless it's the self-inflicted kind).

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March 26, 2004

Le Deluge

We have an interesting problem here at the Armoire. Our traffic is climbing beyond the limits set forth by Lady Crumpet's lovely host. Since we are not well-versed in the ways of reading our statistics, it is difficult to say how much of the traffic is intentional as opposed to some bot crawling the site. Clearly, the strategy of blogwhoring has taken some effect. Now we must consider upgrading, perhaps migrating to another space if that proves more feasible.

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February 23, 2004


Ok, ok, I give up. I find myself far more annoyed by fake or intentionally incorrect email addresses intended to subvert the info requirement of my Comments section, than having anonymous, unaccountable comments. So I'm going to open up the comments once more to allow my vast world audience their say, so long as there is thoughtful or entertaining discourse.

But honestly, is it too much to ask for the civility of your leaving at least a name?

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June 04, 2003


One of the neat features in Movable Type is the ability to assign categories to your blog entries. (This is a cool feature, whether or not one is a librarian.) After some tinkering, I've created a template for my Category Archive, then added some extra coding so that each post will tell you which category(ies) it's been assigned to. There's also a listing of same over in the sidebar.

Now I need to finalize a comprehensive, logical list of categories, hopefully one that shouldn't be altered much, because I'll be darned if I have to keep reassigning posts over and over. But then one can always use the Search field, another great feature, to seek a particular post.

Thanks be to Paul for helping me with the coding within the post entries.

Yours, &c., LC at 02:45 PM | Admin , Blogos | Comments (5)

April 30, 2003

Boring techie update

Ok, so I'm not as cool as I thought. Somehow only a portion of my comments have imported, and I managed to do that twice, so there are duplicative comments which I'll have to remove, entry by entry. And then I'll need to import the remainder, which I hope I can manage. Gah!

Yours, &c., LC at 01:10 PM | Admin

April 28, 2003

(Minor) Victory

Cue theme from "Chariots of Fire." Lady Crumpet, having successfully imported both her Blogger entries and her readers' comments from YACCS, congratulates herself with mental somersaults. Aside from the fact that she is quite incapable of actual somersaults, she is also at the office, where such spontaneous outbursts are rather frowned upon. She shall content herself with one of the free brownies baked by one of the secretaries, and stroll a genteel victory lap around the library.

Phil Ringnalda's instructions DO work. One has to run the PHP script from an appropriate directory - preferably one that is NOT contained in one's cgi-bin, as certain silly girls attempted. But then sleeping on the problem, rather than burning the midnight oil in frustration, often reveals simple errors the next day.

Now that my content has been brought over, the next step is to restore the Armoire to its former prissy glory. And clean up my entries. And assign them to categories. And so on and so on.

Yours, &c., LC at 03:48 PM | Admin | Comments (4)

April 27, 2003

No Comments

There are more important things to work on, such as cleaning up all these entries. Or hey, maybe my studies. Or dishes, or laundry, etc., etc. But no, I'm obsessing right now as to why I can't import my YACCS comments. I've attempted the instructions as Phil R. lays them out, but am failing miserably. Can anyone help?

Yours, &c., LC at 08:10 PM | Admin | Comments (2)

No Worries!

In the midst of migration to Movable Type. Hang tight, and wish me luck.

Yours, &c., LC at 05:19 PM | Admin | Comments (1)

Under the Knife

I think I've finally managed to properly install Movable Type and will be making the switch ffrom Blogger. Blogger's served me well, but I'm ready to move on. Hopefully this shouldn't affect what you see here, except for the better. In layperson terms, what I'm doing is switching publishing tools - MT should be more stable and provide more options, such as a comments utility, which means that you'll actually be able to read people's comments from beyond 3 months ago. Now I just need to figure out why I can't seem to find "Weblog Config" in my MT menu. Gah!

Maybe if I'd just waited long enough for TypePad to emerge, I wouldn't have to be split across a separate host and publishing tool; there's something to be said for being behind the curve. But Lady Crumpet doesn't have such patience and would rather slog along, tinkering and going mad with the intricacies of self-installation, rather than pay MT the $20 or so to have them install it.

Yours, &c., LC at 01:24 PM | Admin

March 17, 2003

There's No Place Like Home

Apropos of nothing: In kindergarten I played the part of Toto in our production of The Wizard of Oz. In fourth grade, I appeared in a discofied version of the musical as a Munchkin. I think I enjoyed being Toto more.

If all has gone accordingly, you'll notice that the domain name is alive and well, ad-free at last! Please revise your links accordingly, as the blogspot address will no longer be in use. I have opted to host with, and for the time being I shall continue to use Blogger for posting. It's entirely possible that I've bollocksed things up. Do be a dear and let me know if there are any problems.

Yours, &c., LC at 01:19 PM | Admin

March 02, 2003


I've been working on the template, in ways that only I will really notice. Gah!

My geek kung-fu is not so great today. I'm starting to get comfortable using (pasting) scripts, though my current issue has me wishing that I could actually write the script myself. I really like Blogrolling, but I wish that one could categorize the blogs, and display them by type. I tried Bloglinker, which does allow one to assign blogs to categories, but if you want to display more than one category, you still get one combined, unsorted blogroll. There's a cool script by IamPariah, which adapts the Blogrolling sidebar code really nicely. But I don't really want to hide my blogroll - I want visitors to see the blogs I like, without having to make an extra click to generate the sidebar.

So I suppose the most constructive thing I've done is edit my blogroll and limit it to personal blogs, and put the more public oriented ones under my other links. Which didn't need to take up all this time. sigh

Explanatory note: Did you know you can make blogstickers? At some point, I came across Natsuko's blog; it may or may not be real, I don't care. But "the blogging is large!" was too precious a phrase to not slap on a sticker. So there you have it.

Yours, &c., LC at 06:09 PM | Admin

February 24, 2003


I'm experimenting. Do you like my daily titles as I've been doing - regular print in bold, then getting on with the body of my text? Or do you like the title as I've done it here, all caps in bold (or does regular type in bold look better?), with a line break before the main text?

Other tweaking - at last, the Armoire's archive has been retooled. And if you leave a comment, you might find alterations there as well. But don't be fooled by the rocks that I've got, I'm still Lady Crumpet from the block.

Yours, &c., LC at 03:27 PM | Admin

December 13, 2002


I am now, so please note and revise your links.

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October 27, 2002

Lady Crumpet has longed to

Lady Crumpet has longed to spruce up the Armoire. Most particular thanks to J.L. Bartlett at Wayward Intellectuals for graciously allowing the use of the background.

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September 08, 2002

More tinkering to the Armoire:

More tinkering to the Armoire: rearrangements and additions of links, and, after much anticipation of its completion by the artist, my portrait. ;)

Yours, &c., LC at 09:19 AM | Admin

August 13, 2002

Site updates

There's now a separate page for archives, as well as a comment interface. Getting closer to a finished look!

Yours, &c., LC at 01:55 AM | Admin