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September 12, 2007

Giddy on the inside

Going to see Crowded House tonight at the Tabernacle. Meeting up with some folks, though sadly some of us are out sick. Already it feels like the longest day, and I've still got to head down there and spend a few hours in line, because that's how much I love this band.

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September 13, 2007

Crowded House at the Tabernacle 9/12/07

Highlights - Spotting Neil watching Liam from the side of stage and clapping him on the back when his opening set was over - very sweet. The explosive roar of the audience when the band first appeared onstage. Neil messing up the words to "Fall at Your Feet" and having to retrace his steps, with good-natured laughter all around - and then the extended singalong, including the verse that Neil sang way too early before. Nick's gleaming white suit. "Italian Plastic" in honor of Hessie. Group singalong with Pete Yorn, his band and the audience on "Better Be Home Soon." Constant smiles on the stage - clearly everyone was happy to be playing together. Talking to other fans about previous concerts we'd been to and discussing great moments in the history of Neil's hair, among other things that you can only talk about with people who understand. And yes, getting to go backstage after the show to say hi, and hopefully keeping my jitters on the inside. Sideways hug from Nick (*squeee*).

Neil Finn (Atlanta 9/12/07)

Nick Seymour (Atlanta 9/12/07)

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September 20, 2007

Morning Coffee

Barista Guy: So that's a small low-fat vanilla latte?

Me: - it can be fat.

Scott: Make sure you say that when it's ready.

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