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February 01, 2007

Dear Boston

It's just a sign
Dear Boston,

Why are you being such a hysterical girl? Get over yourself and stop being such an idiot.

Lady Crumpet

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Mooninite in East Atlanta

I spotted this dangerous fellow back in April 2006 at the Flatiron. If only I'd known that I should've run screaming into the hills.

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February 05, 2007

today's links

Online Photo Editing Overview - A survey of several web-based photo editors.

The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines - Alternatives to Google. Something I need to check out...

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February 07, 2007

Crash Course

Next weekend I will be immersed in nine hours of theater when I attend performances of The Coast of Utopia. The trilogy explores a group of friends who come of age under the Tsarist autocracy of Nicholas I. Playwright Tom Stoppard says it's not necessary to do any pre-theater study, but I'd like to have a fighting chance of taking in as much as I can when I actually attend the plays. Of course, I've had the tickets for some time but only now am I doing any reading.

Stoppard appears in tonight's Charlie Rose. Check your local PBS station for listings - the episode airs here at 12:30 a.m.

The official website for the plays also features some brief notes, and the current issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review features a conversation with Stoppard as well as a few essays.

At some point I'd picked up a book on Russian history, but I've misplaced it during the move. It will suffice as post-theater reading.

February 13, 2007

Writing for Money

One Saturday afternoon I was shopping with my family at Upton’s, a now-defunct regional chain. While my dad and I stood in line at the register, he found a flyer for an essay contest co-sponsored by the store and a clothing manufacturer. The winning essay would address the subject “WHAT BUGLE BOY JEANS MEAN TO ME.” Inwardly I cringed, but the prize was a thousand-dollar scholarship. I folded up the flyer and slipped it into my pocket.

I did not then nor have I ever owned a pair of Bugle Boy jeans. It's possible I had a shirt from that brand at some point. I was inclined to throw out the notice and forget about it, but I felt obligated to try, despite my mortification. I waited until the night before the deadline, and then wrote a story in the vein of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Sporting my (imaginary) Bugle Boy jeans, I experienced adventurous flights of fancy, only to come back down to earth, usually at the behest of an annoyed younger sister. There was even an ending with romantic potential as I met the boy next door, while wearing, of course, my incredibly awesome imaginary Bugle Boy jeans. I remember that the boy's eyes were the color of "deep green pools." Awful, embarrassing stuff from a girl who was trying to write poetry like e.e. cummings.

I mailed in the essay and then promptly forgot about it, only to get a letter months later telling me I had won the scholarship.

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February 14, 2007

today's links

Tivo Shortcut Tips [GeekSugar]

Top Web 2.0 Search Engines [OEDb]

Great Poems About Sex [Slate]

The Genius of Dick Cavett [Slate]

February 21, 2007

Just a guess

At the end of the world only roaches and spam will survive.

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Holiday! Celebrate!

Back from spending a long weekend in NYC. Mainly I was there to see The Coast of Utopia, which was wonderful. There were dazzling performances and dizzying dialogue. Highlights for me were the various turns by Jennifer Ehle, especially as Natalie Herzen, Billy Crudup as Vissarion Belinsky, Martha Plimpton, and Ethan Hawke as the loud, obnoxious, unruly, undisciplined Michael Bakunin.

In the bit of spare time we had, there was a trip to MoMA, dinner at Otto (including olive oil gelato for dessert), brunch with Zeebah and Lauren, and drinks and nibbles with Paul F., who was game enough to meet up with us on a last minute's notice. There was also some wandering along Avenue A for shopping in little boutiques. In one of them I overheard the shopgirls talking about spotting members of The Strokes, including what appeared to be one of them with Kirsten Dunst on a double date. This is about as close as I'll get to spotting anybody famous, so it was a minor shallow vicarious thrill.

I was in the subway when I spotted someone reading the Daily News, whose front page headline was "Britney Shears." And every time we waited on the platform for the L at Sixth Avenue, there was a cute little blonde with a boombox, singing 80s Madonna songs. She had the right voice, but it drove me a little crazy that she was messing up the lyrics. But I was happy enough to give her some change, since she's much braver than I am, singing and dancing on a subway platform.

Minor travel delays. No one confiscated my toiletries and there were no unreasonable sojourns on the tarmac, so it all worked out and we made it back home Sunday night.

Had the day off on Monday, so it was good day to recuperate and do some laundry.

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February 26, 2007

today's links

Stain Teacup: Age is Beautiful? [Gizmodo] - An artist has created teacups that are meant to stain over time,ultimately revealing a pattern that's dependent on how a person drinks her tea.

52 Proven Stress Reducers - This list is geared towards college students, but it's pretty useful for everybody. One thing that always stresses me out is being late, and so I need to just plan on being on time or even early, whether it's for an appointment or going to work or meeting up with friends. - I read about this site in a recent NY Times article about identity theft. The site allows people to check, at no cost, whether their Social Security numbers are floating somewhere in the public domain. I've tried it out - so far, so good. It's useful, but the usual precautions (monitoring credit card and bank statements, shredding, periodic reviews of one's credit report) are always a good idea.

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