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November 07, 2007

today's links (11-7-07)

  • Tina Fey is the prettiest picketer on the strike line. But she's much more than that, being the brains (creator/exec producer/writer/actor) behind "30 Rock." See also: Pencils Down Means Pencils Down. Actors aren't asked to give up rights to the use of their performances and likenesses. Why should writers be expected to have their work used for profit across multimedia, without due compensation? Go Tina!
  • And here is one of the littlest picketers.
  • David Lynch and Christian Louboutin have come together and created exquisitely excruciating shoes for an art exhibit. A fetishist's dream come true. Links here and here. (NSFW)
  • Elizabeth Kucinich has had a pierced tongue for the last 10 years. Somehow I think this will only enhance her status as the hottest wife of a presidential candidate. Beyond all of her more noteworthy accomplishments, of course.
  • This is not your father's mutual fund: Thrasher Funds.

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