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November 09, 2007

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

I first saw Blade Runner as a midnight movie in college. I've seen it both with and without Harrison Ford's narration, with and without the unicorn imagery. I caught this last version a few nights ago.

The changes that have been made are relatively subtle; the film's Wikipedia entry provides details on what went into creating the final cut.

I still love the dystopian noir imagery - seeing the future cityscape of L.A. on a big screen, with the Japanese-tinged synth from Vangelis - an incredible, marvelous setting for the story. I also love that someone (Syd Mead) was credited as "Visual Futurist." Rutger Hauer is still perfect and chilling as the replicant Roy. And Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard remains quite compelling - as well as rakish, handsome and manly.

The book and the movie are separate creatures, but one thing is certain. No matter what Ridley Scott seems to think, Deckard is not a replicant.

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