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June 08, 2007

Ignorance IS Bliss

Study: Neanderthal Brain Less Troubled [Discovery Channel News] -

Neanderthals likely did not possess the cognitive complexities of modern humans and, as a result, probably did not suffer from schizophrenia and certain other mental disorders, according to a new theory.

The theory proposes that language, creativity and many mental diseases are linked, due to the fact that they may originate in the neocortex, as well as the densely cell-packed cortex, located towards the top of the brain. These brain regions appear to mature and develop more slowly than other areas.

On a serious note, if you'd like to support mental health research, the principals of Alpine Mutual Funds, who are long-time supporters of NARSAD, have pledged $1 million in matching funds for all new and increased donations received through September 15th, 2007. You can donate here.

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