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February 26, 2007

today's links

Stain Teacup: Age is Beautiful? [Gizmodo] - An artist has created teacups that are meant to stain over time,ultimately revealing a pattern that's dependent on how a person drinks her tea.

52 Proven Stress Reducers - This list is geared towards college students, but it's pretty useful for everybody. One thing that always stresses me out is being late, and so I need to just plan on being on time or even early, whether it's for an appointment or going to work or meeting up with friends. - I read about this site in a recent NY Times article about identity theft. The site allows people to check, at no cost, whether their Social Security numbers are floating somewhere in the public domain. I've tried it out - so far, so good. It's useful, but the usual precautions (monitoring credit card and bank statements, shredding, periodic reviews of one's credit report) are always a good idea.

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