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January 09, 2007

Thank you, Mr. Noodle

The Ramen Noodle Guy has passed on to his big bowl in the sky:

Momofuku Ando, who died in Ikeda, near Osaka, at 96, was looking for cheap, decent food for the working class when he invented ramen noodles all by himself in 1958. His product — fried, dried and sold in little plastic-wrapped bricks or foam cups — turned the company he founded, Nissin Foods, into a global giant. According to the company’s Web site, instant ramen satisfies more than 100 million people a day. Aggregate servings of the company’s signature brand, Cup Noodles, reached 25 billion worldwide in 2006.

I've got a pack of Nissin Cup Noodles in my desk. Ando certainly has made my life easier.

Mr. Noodle [NYT]

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