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January 05, 2007

No plastic, please

When it comes to paper clips, I prefer metal over plastic. The standard paper clip is clean, streamlined and inherently functional. It holds pages together without a lot of fanfare. It is there, but it is unobtrusive. There are no dents on the pages. Plastic clips, for all that they come in a variety of colors, don't work for me. I don't like that the top of the clip sits well above the border of paper, or the way the pages no longer lie flat on the desk once plasti-klipped. And if I try to clip a few too many pages, the clip breaks. Even the big plastic ones don't hold paper so nicely as the metal ones.

I am not averse to using binder clips, but I prefer to use them judiciously. I tend to have more paper clips than binder clips readily at hand, so I can clip my papers and move on to the next thing without being interrupted by showy but ultimately less effective paper paraphernalia.

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