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June 01, 2006

What's Hot

The University of Virginia library has a "What's Hot" feature for its most popular materials. Currently:

What's Hot at UVA Library
Sex and the city [videorecording]
Lost (Television program)
The United States law week
Sex and the city. The complete second season [videorecording]
Daily tax report
The Sopranos [videorecording] : the complete fourth season
Desperate housewives. The complete first season [videorecording]
Sex and the city [videorecording] : the complete fifth season
Sex and the city. The complete fourth season [videorecording]
Sex and the city. The complete third season [videorecording]
The Sopranos. The complete fifth season [videorecording]
The O.C. The complete second season [videorecording]
The Godfather part II [videorecording]
Crash [videorecording]
Six feet under. The complete fourth season [videorecording]
The Sopranos [videorecording] : the complete second season
The Sopranos [videorecording] : the complete third season
Frank Miller's Sin City [videorecording]
Six feet under. The complete third season [videorecording]
The Godfather [videorecording]

Hottest Authors...
Bureau of National Affairs (Washington, D.C.)
Scorsese, Martin
Spielberg, Steven
Whedon, Joss
Star, Darren
Sherman-Palladino, Amy
Coppola, Francis Ford
Crane, David
Ball, Alan
Kubrick, Stanley
Parker, Trey
Bright, Kevin
Hitchcock, Alfred
Tarantino, Quentin
Gandolfini, James
Scott, Ridley
Berman, Rick
Jackson, Peter
Groening, Matt
Roddenberry, Gene

Hottest Subjects...
Feature films.
Comedy films.
Man-woman relationships--Drama.
Documentary films.
Films for the hearing impaired.
Funeral homes--California--Pasadena--Drama.
Mafia--United States--Drama.
Law--United States--Periodicals.
Women--Sexual behavior--Drama.
European Union.
Friendship--New York (State)--New York--Drama.
Problem youth--Drama.
Mothers and daughters--Drama.
Television programs.
United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation--Drama.
Science fiction films.
Horror films.
Animated films.

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June 02, 2006

There goes my imaginary diet.

Free Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme! Today, people! Get yourself on over there for some hot glazed goodness, or whatever other goodness you prefer.


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June 06, 2006

Mess with me...

and you could end up on my shit list. (Actually I don't have one of these, but I think it's funny.)

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June 09, 2006

Stupid cat still at large

I haven't seen Tabitha in days and I'm worried. Lately I've seen a small raccoon come and eat the food on the back porch, when it isn't the gray cat Ulysses. We keep trying to point Ulysses to the bowl of food on the front porch but if he's out back he doesn't see why he shouldn't eat the food on the back porch.

I finally made some calls. Apparently I can rent a trap from my county animal control for $20 for 7 days. They have to deliver the trap and set it up, and I have to contact them if something is caught. I guess I should try it but I'm worried that everything except Tabitha will get caught. I don't want Ulysses to get caught 'cause he might get taken away by Animal Control. My county is fairly notorious for putting animals down really quickly.

Stupid, ungrateful one-toothed old cat who ought to know better and come home. Maybe I'm the stupid one for being the softie.

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June 12, 2006

Cat Trees Bear

No, really. Have a look.

[via paul f.]

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June 13, 2006

Someone keeps taking my letters

Fridge magnet fun here.

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More subversive office supplies


Maybe this would inspire me to do my filing. Available here.

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June 16, 2006

The Quick and the Dirty

We met our realtor on Wednesday, having only spoken before by phone and email. That day he showed us four properties and we reserved a condo that we really liked. We saw one more yesterday and drove past a few others, but it became clear that the first place we saw was first choice. It means we can walk to public transit, walk to shops and restaurants, walk to the library, the post office, and jury duty if need be.

Tomorrow we go to contract! As first-time homeowners!

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June 27, 2006

Small creatures 3, Ulysses 0

We rented a cat trap from the county for about a week. On the first day that the trap was set, Ulysses got caught. We freed him and he was smart enough to avoid the trap for the duration. If Tabitha came around, she was too smart to make the same mistake.

Ulysses hasn't brought us any "gifts" but I've seen him hunt. The first time, a foul black bird came into the house through the chimney. We managed to shoo the bird into the kitchen, planning to open the back door to let it out. But the bird flew too low and Ulysses managed to nab him. He ran around the house with the bird in his jaws. There was an eerie, low moan coming from the bird. We shooed Ulysses out of the house. He ran about for a bit, but then he paused and slackened his jaw. The bird managed to fly off, which was a relief.

The second time, I came around to the back yard. Something brown skittered across the grass - a chipmunk. Ulysses was right there and pounced. I tried distracting him, flailing my arms and clapping my hands. I called to him, yelling "Hey! Let it go!" He put it down, intending to bat it around a bit, but the chipmunk ran around the corner and got away.

Today, as we got out of the car and walked towards the house, Ulysses dashed towards us with something in his mouth. Some kind of bird. The agitated chittering of other birds filled the air. I ran at him, yelling and clapping. "Buddy! Let go! Let go!" He dropped the bird - a robin, who sat on the grass, stunned. It regained its senses quickly enough and flew off. I don't know how injured it was. Hopefully the bird is ok.

The score is arbitrary, of course. It's probable that Ulysses has caught critters when we haven't been around to try and stop him.

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June 28, 2006

Backstory: Finding Our Home

Floorplan for Our Condo

Click here for the larger image.

It's been a bit of whirlwind lately for Lady Crumpet. Just days after signing the contract for our condo, I learned that I'll be going to England in a month for a Jane Austen pilgrimage. (Chatsworth, Lyme Park and Chawton House, here I come!). More on that later.

Our condo is situated in a converted apartment complex. Basically the buildings are being gutted and completely renovated. We picked a 2-bedroom top-floor unit (see illustration). We were pretty bowled over by the model - (see living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom). Hardwood floors in the main areas, tile in the bathroom, carpet in the bedrooms. I am very, very excited about the kitchen. I will have room to work and places to put things!

Our closing date is set for late September, provided all goes according to schedule. This is what my building looks like at the moment.

In the past week or so we've been shopping around for a mortgage. We've decided which one to apply for, so now we have to fill out the application and gather financial papers together.

My realtor has so far been really wonderful. He served us ice cream when we first met with him - the same day that we went out and found the place that we wanted. He was with us when we went to sign the contract. He sent us a note of congratulations - and to my great surprise, yesterday I received a delivery of flowers from him! So if anybody is looking for a real estate agent in Atlanta, I have someone I can recommend.

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