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September 22, 2006

Let there not be a real evacuation today.

Yesterday was the annual evacuation drill for my building. For those of us who were willing to do so, we could walk the emergency stairs all the way down. Those of us not inclined could take the elevators. I chose to walk from 55 all the way down to ground level - which is more than 55 flights of stairs, incidentally.

Today I'm shuffling around like an old man. I feel like I'm in that Brady Bunch episode where Mike and Carol trade parenting jobs and find that at the end of the day, they are equally exhausted and having to hold onto each other just to stay upright.

For many reasons I hope I don't ever have to evacuate for real. Without many people in the stairwell I can get down to ground level in approximately 22 minutes. But with the whole building population taking the stairs, it would take much, much longer.

At present, I especially, most fervently hope there isn't an actual evacuation, because today I would be one of those slow people I was stuck behind yesterday on the stairs.

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