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August 24, 2006

Yet another special edition

Sometimes I wonder why I bother buying movies. Inevitably there's some special edition that comes out after I've picked up a copy on DVD. Mostly I buy my movies used so it's not that big of a deal, but still. I really should just take advantage of my Netflix subscription instead of trying to build up a library. Of course, we are talking about Lady Crumpet, Media Junkie, so it's a nice thought at any rate.

The most recent examples are Princess Bride (the Dread Pirate and Buttercup editions) and Pretty in Pink, which is coming out in a week as the Everything's Duckie Edition.

There's a great Entertainment Weekly interview with Jon Cryer. The original ending called for Andie to stay with Duckie at the prom, dancing to "Heroes" by David Bowie. Thank goodness they changed it. Duckie is Andie's best friend. He's certainly boyfriend material, but he's not the one for Andie. Besides, Blane is played by Andrew "Dreamy Eyes" McCarthy - they are so meant for each other in this 80s teen fairy tale.

Of course it's these kinds of movies that totally messed me up for real-life romance. But fortunately I managed to find my own Duckie.

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