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July 04, 2006

4th of July

Mr. Arkadin ran the Peachtree today. Considering he had knee surgery earlier this year, that's quite an accomplishment. I cheered him in spirit; after dropping him off at the Marta station, I went back to bed.

Tonight we might go see the fireworks in downtown Decatur.

Life is good. Generally it's been quiet, although it's certainly been momentous for the past couple of weeks. We've reviewed different mortgage programs and we're in the process of applying for one. I have booked my ticket to England and have started putting together supplies for the trip. It's been a bit hectic at work; I find that I can really focus and buckle down when I have to - yesterday was my last day before vacation. I'll be home for a few days, then we head to Myrtle Beach to take a splash in the ocean and see my in-laws.

Things have been on an even keel. I work on enjoying life in the moment, on being self-aware and living in a way that makes me feel good about being in my own skin. I try to be more patient and accepting, which means that I don't get as worked up as I used to about things that are beyond my control. However, I'm more choosy about how I spend my time and with whom I spend it. I'm grateful to be surrounded by good friends and family, near and far.

Perhaps the most significant event is that my therapist and I have called it a day. Because of my progress, it's a subject we'd discussed for sometime. So it was a thoughtful, mutual decision to conclude our sessions. Overall it was a good, positive experience, made possible by awesome health insurance. (Another plus to my already good job.)

On this Independence Day I am thinking of independence in a more personal way, but I am also glad to be in a country where personal freedom is still an important value. I hope it remains an enduring one.

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