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June 09, 2006

Stupid cat still at large

I haven't seen Tabitha in days and I'm worried. Lately I've seen a small raccoon come and eat the food on the back porch, when it isn't the gray cat Ulysses. We keep trying to point Ulysses to the bowl of food on the front porch but if he's out back he doesn't see why he shouldn't eat the food on the back porch.

I finally made some calls. Apparently I can rent a trap from my county animal control for $20 for 7 days. They have to deliver the trap and set it up, and I have to contact them if something is caught. I guess I should try it but I'm worried that everything except Tabitha will get caught. I don't want Ulysses to get caught 'cause he might get taken away by Animal Control. My county is fairly notorious for putting animals down really quickly.

Stupid, ungrateful one-toothed old cat who ought to know better and come home. Maybe I'm the stupid one for being the softie.

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