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June 27, 2006

Small creatures 3, Ulysses 0

We rented a cat trap from the county for about a week. On the first day that the trap was set, Ulysses got caught. We freed him and he was smart enough to avoid the trap for the duration. If Tabitha came around, she was too smart to make the same mistake.

Ulysses hasn't brought us any "gifts" but I've seen him hunt. The first time, a foul black bird came into the house through the chimney. We managed to shoo the bird into the kitchen, planning to open the back door to let it out. But the bird flew too low and Ulysses managed to nab him. He ran around the house with the bird in his jaws. There was an eerie, low moan coming from the bird. We shooed Ulysses out of the house. He ran about for a bit, but then he paused and slackened his jaw. The bird managed to fly off, which was a relief.

The second time, I came around to the back yard. Something brown skittered across the grass - a chipmunk. Ulysses was right there and pounced. I tried distracting him, flailing my arms and clapping my hands. I called to him, yelling "Hey! Let it go!" He put it down, intending to bat it around a bit, but the chipmunk ran around the corner and got away.

Today, as we got out of the car and walked towards the house, Ulysses dashed towards us with something in his mouth. Some kind of bird. The agitated chittering of other birds filled the air. I ran at him, yelling and clapping. "Buddy! Let go! Let go!" He dropped the bird - a robin, who sat on the grass, stunned. It regained its senses quickly enough and flew off. I don't know how injured it was. Hopefully the bird is ok.

The score is arbitrary, of course. It's probable that Ulysses has caught critters when we haven't been around to try and stop him.

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