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June 28, 2006

Backstory: Finding Our Home

Floorplan for Our Condo

Click here for the larger image.

It's been a bit of whirlwind lately for Lady Crumpet. Just days after signing the contract for our condo, I learned that I'll be going to England in a month for a Jane Austen pilgrimage. (Chatsworth, Lyme Park and Chawton House, here I come!). More on that later.

Our condo is situated in a converted apartment complex. Basically the buildings are being gutted and completely renovated. We picked a 2-bedroom top-floor unit (see illustration). We were pretty bowled over by the model - (see living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom). Hardwood floors in the main areas, tile in the bathroom, carpet in the bedrooms. I am very, very excited about the kitchen. I will have room to work and places to put things!

Our closing date is set for late September, provided all goes according to schedule. This is what my building looks like at the moment.

In the past week or so we've been shopping around for a mortgage. We've decided which one to apply for, so now we have to fill out the application and gather financial papers together.

My realtor has so far been really wonderful. He served us ice cream when we first met with him - the same day that we went out and found the place that we wanted. He was with us when we went to sign the contract. He sent us a note of congratulations - and to my great surprise, yesterday I received a delivery of flowers from him! So if anybody is looking for a real estate agent in Atlanta, I have someone I can recommend.

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