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January 13, 2006

Font of Useless Information

Cyclops Kitten RIP
Cyclops Kitten RIP

Cyclops the one-eyed kitten real, says AP

Cyclops Kitten Gear

Zeebah's been Gawkered! Yaaay! Even though Gawker's cracks about unions are really lame.

The Trouble With Truthiness - Stephen Colbert claims to have invented the word, but it can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. Colbert's retort (heehee!): "The fact that they looked it up in a book just shows that they donít get the idea of truthiness at all....You donít look up truthiness in a book, you look it up in your gut."

A Million Little Lies [TSG]; Fake Writer Day: Why Frey Matters [Gawker]- It's nice that we can be all philosophical here (I'm looking at you, Oprah), that because the book moved so many people IT'S TOTALLY OKAY that the author and his publisher misrepresented lied that the book was a memoir. While memoirs are subjective, when the book presented is mostly fiction, most people think of that as a novel. If the book's only value was that it was supposed to be true, then why aren't more people offended by this? Shall we all just exaggerate our lives and present false faces to one another now?

"Lazy Sunday" skit "vaguely racist" [City Paper] - White faux rap is the new blackface, because thug life is the new minstrel show. No end to hip hop stereotype any time soon; cash money still to be had from the kids in America. Whoa-oh.

"My heart's on fi-ire, for EL-VI-RAH!" Oh wait, different Elvira, who's having a moving sale.

For those keeping score about Brad Pitt's women, past and present: Angelina is pregnant. So is Gwyneth. Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant, nor was she contacted by Brad about the knocking up of the Angelina. Be strong, Jen. Keep your mouth shut this year about the Ex!

Screw the Alito hearings, forget the fate of Roe v. Wade - Are you happy for Brad and Angelina? [Gawker]

Hooters 2006 calendar

Prejudice Map

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