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November 16, 2005


I really want to tell people what's on my mind. Like:


At work, I really hate it when I give someone an assignment, and I explain, in great detail, exactly what I want done, and then the person goes off and does the work in such a way that it's either a) not quite what I want or b) totally fucked up.

It could be that I'm not explaining things clearly enough. Sometimes that's the case, and we clarify the issue. Fine. At the same time, I hate having to explain things that should be obvious. But I do it anyway, and I do it politely.

So when I ask someone "Please take these check requests to Accounting and put a note on each of them telling them to call me when the check is ready" I expect that's understood. But when I don't receive the phone call, and we have to research what happened to the check requests, and I find that there are just sticky notes listing my name and extension on the check requests, I tend to go a little ballistic. Why, with all the paperwork that Accounting gets from the entire firm, why wouldn't they know implicitly that they were supposed to call me? For all they know, it's just a sticky note. (Yes, Accounting could have noted the sticky note and like, called me, but that's expecting too much. Which is why I write long sticky notes saying "Please call me when the frickin' frackin' check is ready!")

How hard is it to stay on the ball, people? Am I not speaking English? Did I not just take time to tell you EXACTLY what I wanted, in excruciating detail?

This person has since moved on to better and brighter things than toiling as a lowly library assistant, so the only thing I can do is make clear to the next person that when I'm explaining something they had better fucking listen to me.

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