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November 07, 2005

2108 words

That's my Nanowrimo total since midnight last Monday. Since then, I've been sleeping, driven up to Athens to have dinner with rawbrick who was passing through on assignment, attended an art show by local artist Deb Davis and a performance by Hope for a Golden Summer (including Deb, one of the band members). Saturday involved housework - it says something that I will do laundry and wash dishes and sweep and take out the trash to avoid sitting down and writing. Oh yes, lots of silly internet quizzes and blogging when I should be working on my novel. Late Saturday involved stopping by a housewarming party in Cabbagetown, where I ran into Scott and Lisa. Scott says very funny things when he's had a few drinks. Met lots of wonderful people and I was able to contribute my knowledge of obscure pop song lyrics ("You ain't seen the best of me yet / Give me time I'll make you forget the rest").

I've set up my older PC in the bedroom so I can write there as well. I've got an AlphaSmart so I can write in coffee shops if I feel like it. I'm keeping a steno pad nearby, which came in handy when I woke up late Sunday morning and had an idea for a complete plot and storyline, which has nothing to do with what I seem to be writing so far. Perhaps I can merge it all together?

Instead of writing much last night, I watched the premiere of Boondocks on Adult Swim, called Earthlink and went through a number of steps on my new-ish PC, only for Victor, the help rep, to tell me that my modem driver needs to be rebuilt. So I will probably do that tonight, after making up my session with my therapist tonight. I got so caught up reading for my book group that I forgot I had an appointment immediately before. Gah.

Today and last week were research requests from Hades. I rather dislike it when people sit on their research for months, then suddenly ask you to work on their stuff overnight at last minute's notice. And being a procrastinator-type myself, I understand why it happens but yet I remain most seriously displeased. I am a librarian, not a research wench, damnit.

I think it's time for another cup of coffee.

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