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October 10, 2005

Starting the hearing loss young, I see

I still read the Metropolitan Diary in the NY Times, for those "only in New York" moments. One of today's submissions surely must phase even the most jaded:

Dear Diary:

While jogging in Central Park on a recent morning, I found myself following closely behind a man, also out for a run, pushing one of those fancy, three-wheeled sports strollers and listening to his iPod.

We were going at the same speed and, as I kept pace behind him, I began to realize that the runners passing us in the opposite direction were doing a double-take as they looked into the stroller and then at the man pushing it.

What curiosity was there to see? I wondered. A particularly cute baby? A small dog receiving the royal treatment? No, I decided, as I sped up to solve the mystery, my guess was that there was a distraught baby inside, crying incessantly, but to no avail because its father's ears were plugged with headphones.

All my speculations were proved wrong as I overtook the man and looked inside the stroller to see a girl no older than 2, listening contentedly to an iPod of her own - mini, of course.

Julia L. Gatto

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