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October 31, 2005

Halloween Weekend

Got up early on Saturday to help some dear friends move in together. Unlike me, they didn't have boxes and boxes of books and they were incredibly organized and got other people to help as well. They have the cutest little house and I will be visiting regularly for their company and high-speed internet. ;)

In the afternoon, we hit Little Five Points for some costume ideas. In the end, I didn't find anything. I did have a backup idea, which I ripped off from reading in a gossip column: The Light at the End of the Tunnel. I would dress in black and tape a big white circle to my torso. Scott picked up a black robe for his costume as Harriet Miers, which ended up just being Next Supreme Court Nominee since he didn't find a gray wig and some brown paint for his nose. I came away with a Jane Austen action figure and the Avenue Q soundtrack.

Later, I went out with the Mingaling who had a spare ticket for the Death Cab for Cutie concert at the Tabernacle. Many thanks to Lori for inviting me and to her sister for giving Lori the tickets for her birthday. By the time we got there, Stars had already started their set. Apparently the Tabernacle is all about shows beginning on the dot, which in this case was 8 o'clock. Great, great show, so awesome. Both bands were more about playing the music than interacting with the crowd. The crowd, which sat during the Stars set in the balconies, stood up once Death Cab took the stage. We stood in the uppermost balcony and leaned against the rails - much better than tiptoeing for a glimpse behind people's heads. People were definitely into the show, but it was all intensity. People clustered together, leaning towards the stage. Some head-bobbing, singing along, with eruptions of applause at the end of each song. Much less startling than when I once saw Tori Amos and the young women would scream "I love you Tori" hysterically.

The evening didn't end there. Lori and I met up with Scott and then we walked over to the biggest, craziest Halloween party I've ever been to (which hasn't been many). People went all out with their costumes. Dogs were roaming, including a giant rottweiler named Samuel that sported devil horns - he was very friendly, but his size made him daunting.

There was a live band, kegs of beer and a full complement of liquor, as well as all the stuff in the fridge. I sampled a sugar-free Red Bull, which was ok. I was more of an observer in all the revelry. Out back in the enormous back yard there was a bonfire. People were playing bongos and costumed women were dancing to the primal rhythms. At several points a woman would trot out a flaming hula hoop and spin the hoop around her waist, around her neck, kneeling back at an angle, and even lying down and twirling the hoop about her wrists. Ran into Hollismb as well as Scott and Lisa, who came as King Kong and Fay Wray (excellent!).

We left around three a.m., just as a cop showed up to investigate. Later we heard from our landlord that he saw somebody passed out in the yard later in the morning, with a bottle of something clutched in his hand. Good times.

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