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August 29, 2005

Sleep-deprived but hearty weekend

My friend marco stayed over Friday night after a pasta and pesto at Little Azio. I recruited his artistic sensibilities for a quick rearranging of the living room, an activity made more pleasant with bottles of Guinness, Anchor Steam, and strong cider.

Rose early on Saturday, dropped marco off at the airport. Breakfast at the Thumbs Up diner - a crowded place even first thing in the morning. Went for the fried catfish & eggs plate, which was really, really good.

Dropped off several bags of clothing at Goodwill. Returned a pair of pants at Macy's. There was nose-pressed-against-the-window-shopping at the Container Store, the Apple Store and Anthropologie. A trip to Whole Foods for some Tiger Chai and Vanilla Ginger Spice Chai ice cream and a fine portion of organic boneless skinless chicken breast.

We went over to Tessa and Dave's to cook dinner together and otherwise hang out. We cut vegetables (broccoli, carrots, onions, snow peas, Japanese eggplant, bamboo shoots), made a red curry sauce, baked tofu basted in the curry sauce, and sauteed the chicken (sprinkled with turmeric and chili powder for color). Served over rice, it was really really good, and I'm eager to try making it again.

A marathon Trivial Pursuit session followed, along with a viewing of Rock & Roll High School and much conversation. There were zany photographs. Sometime around 4:30 am, we made it home for some sleep.

Watching the Weather Channel Sunday morning we learned about the Category 5 status of Hurricane Katrina. Maybe I should call my friend Herman in New Orleans. Nah, he'll just think I'm fretting.

I called anyway. He answered, saying I shouldn't watch so much television. He was getting things together, his plan to bunk down at some university facility. I extended an invitation to Atlanta, and after a brief consideration, he agreed to make the drive, bringing along his cat.

One of the good things about having houseguests is that I make the effort to clean the apartment. So after a nap I clipped shrubbery, scoured and swept, took out trash and recycling. We did laundry, picked up some groceries and extra pillows.

Made it to my book group, where we talked about Choke and ate some great food at Eclipse di Sol. I went for a spinach salad and wild mushroom galette. Also had a lemon mint julep - verrry nice indeed. I kept jumping up from the table to provide directions on the cellphone to Herman, who was only a little lost. (I had given him a wrong turn and had to reorient myself from his perspective.) Fortunately he found the house, Scott was there to receive him, and I joined everyone soon after. Alas, the poor cat was not in a mood to receive visitors, so we did not renew our acquaintance at this time.

I had intended to pick up some beer for my friend, who undoubtedly needed it. (On Sundays you can't buy beer in Atlanta.) There was one bottle of cider left in the fridge, which came in handy. After Herman had settled in and made some calls, we stepped out so he could get a decent burger and brew at the Vortex.

Still tired, but here at work. At least I didn't have to spend my weekend escaping a hurricane.

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You are such a good friend!

Posted by: mingaling at August 29, 2005 02:43 PM

Oh I don't know. I just said please come to Atlanta. Besides, he's already left (by plane) to stay with his folks. So it was no trouble at all.

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at August 29, 2005 07:36 PM