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July 07, 2005

Breaking in my shoes

I have a new pair of sandals and broke them in, walking up and down and around San Francisco. Deano is quite simply an extraordinary guide to the city. The good man did homework, for Pete's sake! We started around 10 am and it's almost 11 pm now that I'm back in my hostel. I have gotten such a taste of the city, and I find it greatly to my liking. For one thing, I LOVE the weather here. Sometimes it was warm enough to walk around without a jacket, other times I had wrapped my faux-pashmina around my neck.

And the hills. Somehow I kept up with Dean. I think I shall sleep well tonight. And all the delectable food I ate will somehow burn off, as surely I still must be burning calories from all that urban hiking.

Love the mix of architecture around here. I got to see the famous Painted Ladies, a row of Victorian houses that seem to be featured in movies and television shows that are set in SF. Bookstores everywhere. The narrowest storefront in town, in Chinatown. Coit Tower. The City Lights Bookstore. Rube Goldberg's old house. A gallery housed in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Telegraph Hill (the wild parrots were hiding out today). Hanging out in a park in Nob Hill, swinging on a swing, talking to a guy with a piebald-colored mini dachshund who fathered a litter of puppies. Walking into various hotel lobbies, including seeing a real Maxfield Parrish painting, The Pied Piper, at the Palace Hotel. Buying fortune cookies from a shop that actually makes them. (My sample fortune: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.)

Things to possibly check out: Beach Blanket Babylon (a still-running play that's become a local institution), Amoeba Records. More as I recall it.

Until today, deano and I have only been acquainted through our blogs and through email. But we walked around as if we'd known each other for ages. Later, we met up with his wife Deb for dinner at the Cliff House, and as I'd hoped, we got on wonderfully together.

On my own, I'd never have been so ambitious. I had an absolute blast. Thank you, deano and deb.

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It was a pleasure getting to finally meet you, S. The absent parrots called later and said they felt terrible and disappointed they missed your visit - particulary when they heard you had fortune cookies with you.

Enjoy Sonoma!

Posted by: deano at July 8, 2005 08:59 AM