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June 23, 2005

Whatever will be.

Books Stir Discussion on Lost Friendship [AP] "Friendships blow up and fade out all the time. Sometimes it's a fight. And life changes - a move, a marriage, a baby - can get in the way. Then there are those times when you just look at your friend and realize you don't really have much in common anymore...."

The Friend Who Got Away The book's official site also has a blog which accepts submissions of links and personal stories on this topic.

I've read some eloquent takes on this subject. It's been on my mind of late, try as I may to stop dwelling on the loss of a girlfriend. Things are different than this time last year. I still feel sad, but there's little point in hanging on. There are things I should have, could have done, but I didn't. At the same time I don't shoulder all the blame for what went wrong. Hopefully I've learned enough not to make the same mistakes. Now I am more resolved to be the kind of person people like to be around, and to surround myself with such people as well.

The other night I was on the phone with one of my oldest girlfriends, talking about how the end of a friendship can hurt as much as a breakup. There was a time when we had our own falling out. She had written me a Dear Jane letter. Instead of letting it go, I called her up and we settled our differences. (Many tears were shed.) We are different friends than we used to be, but there has to be room for each person to grow. We're no longer the same people we once were. Thankfully we are still in each other's lives and we can talk to each other about things both important and frivolous.

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As I told you the other day ... I've had a couple of friends that I have dumped now. It's bitter, very bitter. Mostly because no matter what was, one is tempted to blame oneself for a breaking-up of a friendship. For each of those I have dumped over the past 2 years [all of them going back a long time], I had tried to hold on to them and "invest" a lot. I personally came to realize that I had been the giver in every respect and they had indulged in the taker part. It sucks out all life, and it's everything else than a good base for a friendship.

Posted by: mademoiselle a. at June 24, 2005 06:16 AM

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