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June 08, 2005


Kirsten tagged me with this music meme, so voila!

The last CD I bought:
I went to Tower Records to get the new Coldplay album, X&Y. But I also came out with used copies of Finally We Are No One (múm), #447 (Marshall Crenshaw), Set Yourself on Fire (Stars), Universal Audio (The Delgados), The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, and Funeral (Arcade Fire). And those were just my selections.

Unless I somehow score free tickets, methinks I shall pass on going to Music Midtown.

Song (CD) playing now:
The Proclaimers' cover of "Five O'Clock World", from the album Born Innocent. I like it, although I prefer the version by The Vogues. My favorite bit? The yodeling. Oh how I love the yodeling. O-de-lay-ee-EEE-ee-ee-YEAH... (And yes, I'm yodeling, albeit quietly, at my desk.)

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
"Waiting" - Matthew Sweet. - Did you ever used to spin around and around to make yourself dizzy, until you fell down and the world kept on spinning? This song does that for me. When Sweet sings "I didn't think I'd find you / Perfect in so many ways / But I've been waiting (waiting) / And I want to have you" I get that shiny happy dizzy feeling - and at the same time a lump in my throat.

"Cynical Girl" - Marshall Crenshaw - My new old favorite. The perfect pop love song that in the end is more sweet than bitter. Effortlessly brilliant.

"Hyacinth" - Tim Finn - From the album Big Canoe. This may be a bit overwrought, but I love this song anyway. It's lush and shimmery and makes me imagine big desert spaces at sunset as Tim sings to the woman he loves, asking her to let him be her hero.

"Weather With You" - Crowded House - The opening riff of this song sounds vaguely Egyptian, maybe even sitar-like. I never hear this without feeling a surge of happiness. It's a musical vacation.

"World Before Columbus" - Suzanne Vega - In this the singer contemplates a world without her lover, in which "all the colors would be black and white." The riches sought by the explorers don't compare to the treasure of her love's presence: "they'll never know the gold or the copper in your hair." The song is both lush and spare, and it's a beautiful, heartbreaking piece.

Three people I will tag: You, you and you!

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If you ever get a chance to see Arcade Fire live, in a small venue, go for it.

Great music choices btw.

Posted by: Slingerdoo at June 9, 2005 10:31 AM

agreed.excellent music choices. And Arcade Fire was at the Variety not too long ago. I adore them. And also I like yourself am so over Music Midtown, for a variety of reasons I'm sure you know, but I don't have time to list them all in a comments post. :)

Posted by: francesa at June 9, 2005 04:13 PM