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June 24, 2005

Crazy 78s

Scorned 78-Year-Old Accused Killing Beau [AP]

Woman, 78, puts D-Con in cats' "Special Salmon Dinner" [via Obscure Store]

The first story is tragic. The second story makes me really angry.

When I was little we lived in Queens in an apartment next to a old woman who always wore a sour, pinched expression and who often stank of cigarettes. She would bang on the walls when she thought there was too much noise coming from our apartment - which, true, did have three rambunctious little kids. Our mom was good about making us behave. But still the woman would bang the wall, and never acknowledge us if we happened to ride the elevator together. In private we called her the Cockroach Lady.

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Is it sad that I'm so much more comfortable with people killing people rather than someone killing animals?

Posted by: mingaling at June 25, 2005 04:36 PM