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May 03, 2005

Comments Issue

I've been alerted that something is up with my comments. Ack. Will get that fixed shortly. I was tinkering with my redesign last night and must have made changes to the wrong set of templates. Clearly I should work on these things when I'm less tired!

Addendum: Getting the following message, both when attempting to preview or post a comment:

An error occurred:

No entry_id

Any ideas, please send me a message at

Addendum the second: COMMENTS FIXED. Turns out it wasn't my templates. I had fiddled with my host settings so that the URL would appear as "" instead of "" However, I think I was supposed to revise my configuration file (mt.cfg) accordingly, which I didn't do, and which led to the resulting error message. Maybe we'll try that some other time. Whew! I was thinking I might have to scrap all my templates and go with the default ones until I sorted this out.

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