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March 09, 2005

Small Blessings

I don't know if it's the return to routine, to the everyday, to the Stuff I Have to Deal With, but I've been feeling brittle. Like I just have to think somebody's looking at me wrong and then I have to run away and hide out in a bathroom. And I can't even explain why, not even to myself.

I think I'm just tired too from the hectic pace I was keeping. My back is protesting from several nights of sleeping on futons and air mattresses - although I slept quite solidly and thoroughly enough. I just stopped seeing my chiropractor, so maybe she put some voodoo on me to make me come back.

I'm taking a research class for the next couple of weeks and realized I was double-booked for tomorrow night. Because of my schedule last week I didn't see my therapist. Thankfully she has an alternate opening for tonight at 5:30. And the city sighs with relief, safe from one twit, at least for another day...

There are plans for going out with friends Friday night. Looks like we'll be having Ethiopian food for dinner. And then Saturday, if the weather's nice, there's talk of going for a hike by a river.

Actually, I think I know why I'm feeling like this today. Have got to throw myself into my work, make a dent into my backlog. I think too much sometimes, and not enough at others. But today is a good day for not thinking, at least about some things.

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