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March 03, 2005

Lost in Transit

I really should go to sleep, especially after that lovely glass of red wine.

Am being sheltered for the night by the lovely John and Daniella, after being en route to NYC. When I finally made it to the train station, I knew I was in New York when a nicely dressed, normal looking woman said "Excuse me, are you interested in salvation?" as if she were asking me for the time. I just looked at her blankly and headed towards the train.

Technically, I've already been saved. When I lived in New York as a kid, my parents finally let me walk to and from elementary school by myself. Once, on the way home with friends, we stopped by the newstand to get some candy, and we were stopped by evangelists. Thinking I was supposed to be polite, I let one of them, a woman, talk me into declaring my devotion to Jesus Christ. Afterwards my friends tried to shake some sense into me - the whole not talking to strangers and all that. Since I got home a little late, I had to tell my mother what had happened, and my dad ended up calling the police. (Yes, really.)

I suppose that it technically counts, but I question the validity of saving somebody who doesn't really understand what it is she's committing to, and when, really, she's only trying to be polite.

Coming into LaGuardia, I was flooded with thoughts of how this was supposed to play out. He's supposed to be there, waiting to pick me up. Knowing that wasn't a thought to dwell on, I raced my way through the terminal, out to Ground Transportation.

I am here to see the Finn Brothers at the Canal Room and at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett. There's an in-store performance at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square on Friday, so I may go to that - might as well be a full-on groupie, right? Otherwise, hanging out with friends, old and new.

Not sure if I'll have much access to a computer while I'm here, or time for that matter, since I'll be doing the real-life thing. But I am considering a revival of my site on Blogger, where I've worked out posting from my cell phone with both audio and email snippets. So I may be using this in the future. It's very early and experimental at this point, so no promises.

Off to Bedfordshire.

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You have a sweet voice! Have a fun time in NYC.

Posted by: mingaling at March 3, 2005 10:22 AM

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