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March 16, 2005

Coming Together Like Voltron

So after several missed appearances, we finally made it to a gathering of bloggers and beer, this time at the Prince of Wales. Although there weren't any nametags or familiar faces, I somehow managed to zero in on the right group of people: messages from the ether, bobafred, Titus Barik, hollismb, and bump. Was most sorry to miss the acquaintance of mingaling, whose dog was unwell. Hope he's better.

It so happened that it was trivia night, hosted by a guy who looked like a refugee from a hair metal band. Our team name: Epileptic Dog, in homage to our missing organizer. We drew upon our combined knowledge of random stuff. My contribution was useless pop culture. I probably shouldn't be so proud of correctly identifying Michael Sembello as the singer of "Maniac" (from the Flashdance soundtrack). But that was six points right there, one of the small successes on the way to our first-place smackdown.

Two surprising random revelations:

Ran into an old college friend who plays trivia there every week once he's done taping his public access film critic show. And lo, he has a livejournal.

Bump lives just down the street from us.

Naturally, I had to get online and put this all down right now....

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