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March 07, 2005


V. tired and v. glad to be back in own bed. If I could be in bed right now, I would be v. happy. But there's that whole employment thing.

More later, hopefully with pictures. The whole moblogging thing hasn't been worked out yet. Posting via cell phone is quite annoying; I'd have to upgrade to a device that's better equipped for web and email. And having heard how often I "um" and "uh" I was too leery to pick up the phone and speak off the cuff. Must remember to write up index cards for my next performance, 'cause otherwise there would have been probably lots of silly audio, like "Omigod I just went to the in-store and got my cd and setlist signed and Tim SMILED at me and I was SO happy!" A version of which did happen; I wasn't a scary stalker - on the outside, anyway. But you wouldn't have known that, if you'd heard me squeeing into the phone immediately afterwards.

Ok, more later.

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