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January 28, 2005

On Modern Technology

A secretary called the library in a bit of a panic. This is the same woman I helped the other day by cutting and pasting clean copies of articles we'd sent to her attorney into fresh Word documents (she was getting lots of HTML code that she didn't want). Believe me, it was easier to do it than to explain how she could do it herself.

So she called again. She wanted to know if the library accepts requests for recording television programs and could we possibly put the recording in a digital format that could be played on a computer. We don't. Strangely enough, our catering department does - because they also set up the conference rooms with A/V equipment, along with the nice spreads of food. The program is this weekend, however, so they wouldn't be able to do that.

So I volunteered to record the desired program myself. I called the secretary, and she was over the moon. Then she asked me if I had the "special equipment at home" to do this. I paused, then explained, "Well, I have a VCR and can record it on tape." This way the attorney would at least have a copy of the program on tape and if possible we could see about transfer to a digital format.

Then she asked what kind of tape.


She was so grateful. She said she'd tell the attorney that the library doesn't normally do this kind of thing but that I graciously offered to do this for him. I said I'd be happy to do so. But holy smokes...I don't think this woman knows that VCRs exist, let alone that those of us with VCRs are out of step with the DVR people.

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