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January 11, 2005

Hipster PDA

Introducing the Hipster PDA
Organizing Your Hipster PDA

Yes, this is a serious idea: index cards clipped by a mini binder clip. Even though I have a PDA, I still carry a notepad to scribble things down (handy, as I need to recharge my device at the moment). I also have a supercute desk calendar at home and at work. I guess I like being able to write and also have digital backup. As for synchronizing all this data, between the paper and the digital? Not quite there yet. (If ever.)

Back in high school, in sophomore English we had to learn how to write the all-important Research Paper. We had checklists, we had periodic deadlines, we had drafts. I did fairly miserably on all fronts, although my teacher still liked me in spite of my procrastination and significant underachievement. We also had to use index cards - for ideas, for quotations, for subject headings that would be sorted accordingly to create our paper outlines. My teacher talked about how she'd been a terrible procrastinator when it came to her Master's thesis. She ended up doing an all-nighter - yes, on her thesis! It was because she had done such a good job creating her index cards and sorting them into an outline that she basically typed out her thesis from the cards.

So I'm not mocking this idea. Whatever works best is the thing you should do.

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