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December 07, 2004

Homesick Much?

Yeah, yeah, it's been well over a year since I moved back to Atlanta from New York. I still get the NYT on the weekends. I still don't follow much in the way of local news, which would be infinitely more useful for me. One of the features I love best about the New York Times is their Monday feature, Metropolitan Diary. Yeah, I still read it. Here's one that made me laugh:

Dear Diary:

With my 10-month-old son, Emmett, in a back carrier, I stood on tiptoe at Central Park West and West 66th Street and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Although not able to see much of the bands and clowns, we enjoyed the balloons and bigger floats.

When the building-size SpongeBob SquarePants balloon appeared, the crowd went wild. Everyone was cheering and clapping except for the man standing next to me. He was silent. Looking perplexed, he turned to me and asked, with a strong French accent, "Who is this famous and large cheese?"

Abby Lattes

So now I'm running around saying "Who is this large and famous cheese?" for no good reason except that it tickles my insides.

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Hee! Ah, to be foreign in the US. I know who Spongebob is, at least.

Did you hear that the smaller inflatable ones they've been putting on top of Burger Kings across the land have suffered a spate of thefts and deflations?

Shocking, I say. Shocking.

Posted by: Stuart at December 8, 2004 02:15 PM

That is brilliant! I now plan to incorporate "Who is this large and famous cheese?" into conversation whenever I can. *lol*

Posted by: Cordelia at December 8, 2004 02:20 PM

Yes, I'd heard about the kidnapped SpongeBobs! Did you know each of them is worth about $500?

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at December 8, 2004 02:37 PM

nice one! I'm not sure if the 'california cheese' ads are aired nationally. contented cows? no? anyway, one i really liked, has a US customs agent asking a rather swarthy man of the gaulic persuasion, what his purpose is in visiting CA. With hooded eyes and a sneer across his stubbled chin, he replies, "Zee cheeeese."

Posted by: deano at December 9, 2004 08:39 AM