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December 28, 2004

A Remote Connection

I've been reading the news reports of the tsunami. I mean, just yesterday the death toll was at an already shocking 20,000 - today, the papers are saying it's 44,000. And it could become higher, as more people are found or become sick because they don't have access to basic necessities, like clean water.

I have extended family in Thailand. I wasn't worried about them, not really, because most live in Bangkok, which is towards the middle of the country, or further to the north. I figured I'd probably get a call from one of my sisters if there was something to be worried about.

So I called anyway, to find out if our family had heard anything. Turns out my dad called his cousin in San Francisco. The cousin's sister owns a resort in Phuket, one of the areas hit by the tsunami. He hasn't been able to get through to her, which could mean anything - hopefully not the worst. I hope for his sake that his sister and her family are ok.

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Lady Crumpet,

I hope your distant family member is okay. I cannot believe the magnitude of this tragedy.

Posted by: impossiblejane at December 28, 2004 04:12 PM

oh, honey. I'm thinking of your family and all the families who have not heard from their loved ones.

Posted by: Daniella at December 29, 2004 10:34 AM