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November 03, 2004


I changed train cars last night because of an asinine conversation between a woman and a homeless man. She took the opportunity to complain how Marta has no money to maintain the system, evidenced by our train being held at a station, and he complained about how Marta needs to make sure the bathrooms are open more often, because "when you got to go, you GOT to go!" Then she asked him whether he voted. He said "For who? For what?"

At this point I got up and moved. I just wanted to ride home in peace and quiet, especially on this day. I didn't want to hear pointless discussions by people who think they're all enlightened for talking to lecturing a homeless person when they have absolutely no interest in helping that person. Shut up and quit being an asshole.

This morning it was really quiet on the train. People seemed pretty glum and resigned. Or maybe it was just me, trying and failing to hold back tears.

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Ugh, loud train conversations!! The bane of my commute. If it wasn't my main source of reading time, I'd go back to strapping on my Discman to drown them out.

I've recently read 2 novels that happened to have a character mention, after boarding a train, that they were surrounded by yahoos talking on cell phones on the train announcing that they're on a train, which is very true. If the other person can't hear you or get your signal, wait til you're off the train rather than loudly explaining it's because you're on the train!

Posted by: Tiny Librarian at November 5, 2004 06:02 PM