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November 05, 2004

Consider Me Mobilized

I have to do something. I don't know what, but I cannot sit through another four years stewing. This is an improvement for me from the last few days, when I wished horrible things would happen to people in their snug little homes in the red states, since they have such a fetish for terrorism on their doorsteps. There are good people out there, even if they have persuaded themselves to go with their impressions instead of subtance. We have to somehow connect with the moderates, break through the labels and stereotypes that are fed to them and show that we aren't elitists who look down on them, that we too are good people, that we have moral values and care about a lot of the same things that they do. We have to do better at mobilizing our own base, and demonstrate to progressives and independents that we actually have something to offer by joining forces. And actually offer something, not just pay lip service.

I've been guilty of thinking that people "out there" are stupid lemmings - even though I'm living amongst these people. I really don't relate to those who feel that their god has a hand in everything they do; sometimes I wonder what's the difference between having faith and being crazy. That doesn't mean I'm better than these people - but they aren't better than me, either, no matter that their faith gives them cause for arrogance and assertions of moral superiority. To my mind, true faith requires humility and living your life accordingly. It's a good way to live one's life, whatever your beliefs.

I'm pretty consumed by politics right now, but I don't intend that it will become the focus of the Armoire either.

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