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November 01, 2004

At the Carwash

I'm not so great at car maintenance. Yeah, big shock there. I've had bumper stickers I've been wanting to put on, for like, years, so after getting a neat new sticker from Clunky Robot, I felt compelled to give the car a good scrubbing.

Oftentimes I have the idea to do something for a long time, but I never get around to it, until I just get fed up with myself and do it. Oftentimes it's like giving myself a kick in the pants - but there's got to be a better way to motivate myself to do things other than being pissed off enough, to give myself the energy to shake out of my usual torpor. It's not pleasant for me, nor for those around me, when I'm in these sort of moods.

It's one of those DIY places. Six quarters to wet, scrub, and rinse the car using the nozzles and brushes available in each stall. Maybe I can be quicker next time, but I had to throw in another $1.50 because the car was all soaped up when the time expired. Didn't help that immediately after paying I dropped the rest of my film canister with spare quarters on the ground. Good going, loser. But it was a nice afternoon - 70-degree weather at the end of October. A lot of people had the same idea - we were all washing and scrubbing away.

Afterwards, I moved the car over to one of the vacuum posts. Years of dirt got sucked up by the giant nozzle. My sister had loaned me a couple of containers of special wipes to use on the car's interior - kind of like those Clorox or Lysol disposable wipes. I don't know how many I used - each piece was filthy. But after it was all done, I felt good, that I had done something useful and productive. I looked forward to putting on my bumper stickers later.

I had a weird sighting though. At another vacuum post a woman was cleaning out her Volkswagen Golf. The guy who was with her sat in a fold out chair, listening to his music and reading, basically hanging out while she worked on her car. Don't know how the guy was related to her - relative or friend. Don't know the circumstances, either. Maybe there was a good reason he sat on his ass, not helping. The woman moved her car to another vacuum post, maybe to work on the other side of the car (the hoses are only so positionable as you get to the far side of the car). Again, he sat while she worked on the car. It was big of him, though, to help put his chair away once she was done and ready to go.


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In order to avoid a similar display of male good-for-nothingness, I was gracious enough to not even accompany Lady C to the car wash.

Posted by: Scott at November 1, 2004 04:51 PM

Sounds like a safe bet, there, Scott!

Posted by: z. at November 2, 2004 11:48 AM