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October 23, 2004

Tomorrow is Another Day

As a good friend of mine once observed, it would be nice if we had an Undo key in real life. To take it a step further, I think it would be great if we had Ctrl-Alt-Delete for the really big foul-ups.

Feeling like a screwup in a lot of ways recently. Nothing earthshattering (I hope). I find that making sure that my thoughts and what I actually say are the same thing is surprisingly difficult for me. Usually I express myself better in writing than in speaking, but not lately. It's not always good enough just to say something; one has to say the right thing. Of course, not all thoughts are meant to be disclosed, either; here's hoping I can recognize the difference before and not after the fact.

Sometimes, though, it's like trying to find the best patch of glass that will least bloody your feet. Some days simply existing feels like cause for offense. That's when you keep your head down, think through your each and every move, and fervently look forward to starting over the next day.

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I feel like that, too. I think the hardest part is getting ourselves to forgive such blunders. Killer guilt.

Posted by: mingaling at October 25, 2004 03:13 PM

I sincerely sympathize. As my very wise aunt said to me recently, "You hold yourself to harder standards than anyone I've ever met." Which reminds me that sometimes the guilt is self-inflicted.

Posted by: Jenica at October 25, 2004 05:21 PM

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