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October 20, 2004

Standing at the Corner of Blog and Main

Usual morning. The alarm on my phone rings at 6:45. The alarm clock rings a few minutes later. Ginger, the unofficial alarm, pounces up on the bed, onto my person, and begins yowling plaintively, indignant that she has not been fed already.

I don't like getting out of bed, even though I always regret being the last to get up when I'm scrambling to get ready. Inevitably I forget something. Lunch went unmade, makeup went unapplied (but I remembered my sunscreen!), my book was left on the nightstand. I've got to speed up my routine if I plan to stay in bed until the last possible minute. Or I could start getting up sooner. (Ha.)

Hop onto the westbound train, scoring a spot by the doors that will only open once, meaning I can stand there for the rest of the ride. (All the seats are usually taken by the time the train gets to my station). Get out on the right-hand side and head downstairs to the northbound line. Walk towards the northern end of the platform; if I am lucky it will be a long train and I can get into the first car, which is never as as crowded as the middle cars. Unless it's a short train, and then you're stuck cheek by jowl. But I'm lucky, as I just have to suffer one stop and then I can escape the sardine can.

Usually I have my nose in my book. Today I'm stuck without, so I'm just waiting. People-watching, given that's all I can do. On the opposite platform, there's a guy who looks awfully familiar. Is that?...Nah. I look away. Then, Wait, what's that bag he's carrying? Is it...why yes, it's a messenger bag made of duct tape! I'm not one for shouting and waving and bringing attention to myself, so I just opt for saying hello in the train car. Hello, how are you? I hear it's going to be 79 today.... Transitory chitchat, because a) we're on a crowded train, b) I've only got one stop, c) we're probably both in need of caffeine and d) we're still new acquaintances both in blog life and real life. A pleasantly weird intersection, which I'm obligated to post here! ;)

P.S. Being mildly obsessed with bags as I am, I totally forgot to check out the product in person. Some other time, perhaps.

P.P.S. Clunky Robot was equally inspired to post.

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Posted by: LTR at October 20, 2004 12:12 PM


sorry i didn't comment yesterday. I do the exact same "train length" calculations in my head also! I plan for the long train, but always have contingencies for the short ones. where I stand in the car going west is critical for when we pull into 5 points station, if things go well I am usually right by the stairs and can often make it to a waiting northbound train immediately, or at least within minutes.

ahhhh... subterranean life.

Posted by: clunky robot at October 21, 2004 09:16 AM