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October 14, 2004

Digest This!

I have a pass to see a movie tonight, but I think I'd be better off tackling the apartment. Gotta work with those rare moments of self-motivation, although I can't always count on inspiration. So a digest edition of things I've been reading.

Christopher Reeve, 52, Symbol of Courage, Dies [NYT] [Bugmenot] He was Superman, but he was also a good human being. My heart goes out to his family.

Jacques Derrida, Abstruse Theorist, Dies at 74 [NYT] [Bugmenot] There's a significant typo, according to our resident philosophy scholar. The obit refers to a work it named as "The Postcard: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond." It's actually "The Post Card : From Socrates to Freud and Beyond" [added emphasis]. Yes, this sort of thing matters when you're writing about the father of deconstruction. Speaking of which...

Clutter Busters: Deconstructing our acquisitive human nature Not a practical how-to article, but some insight into hoarding behavior.

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit [Smoking Gun] Is it too much to hope that this case could be the ultimate smackdown this assbag deserves? Are there recordings? Oh please let there be recordings. We want maximum humiliation so we can have maximum schadenfreude.

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