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September 02, 2004

Lady Crumpet, Treasure Huntress

I've been a first-day consumer of late - I just had to buy the new Finn Brothers and Bjork albums as soon as they were released. Fortunately they were priced to move (oftentimes an album is on sale during its first week). Of greater import: I am not at all displeased with my purchases - my feelings in this regard are quite the opposite. Usually I will track down a used copy, but some things simply cannot wait. Or at least that's how I justify it.

So how could I resist the siren's call, the tantalizing invitation to hold, in my own hands, an advance, still shrinkwrapped copy of a novel whose official release is still a week away? A book about which I am now even more than a teensy bit excited, because I have the opportunity to immerse myself in it before meeting the author?

Granted, it's only a week. And I shall be quite preoccupied throughout the long weekend. But the treasure hunter in me is excessively pleased for the opportunity of the chase as well as its successful conclusion. My deepest gratitude to the siren little toy robot who clued me in - and could not himself resist when presented with the fortuitous discovery of a small cache of copies placed innocuously beside other neat stacks of new fiction. A mistake on the part of some clerk, or is some greater magic at work?

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