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September 28, 2004


...just haven't been feeling up to writing, or much else. I guess I just haven't been feeling committed to much of anything lately. Just not wanting to deal, and so I'm feeling kind of stuck. Like I'm just getting by.

I mean, I have been doing stuff. Like I'm in the middle of trying to get my papers organized - color-coded hanging folders, printed labels, a pile of papers to shred. After the initial methodical rush I've reached a mini-plateau and have been dallying too long, reluctant to get to the next step[pe] of going through the remaining boxes of miscellany. Meanwhile, the creeping piles of paper are reappearing like weeds. There are baskets of clothes to wash or fold, floors to sweep, dishes to wash. I just look around me, and I feel exhausted and discouraged before I've even begun.

I don't know why I have this instinct or need to hold onto every little thing, to go out and collect, even when I don't have the space or time to invest. I'm worst with books and music. But I'm weighed down by other belongings too. I envy people who can live so simply, who can shed their physical and mental baggage. My sisters are like this too - probably a sign of something. Our stuff being our identities, a resistance to our inevitable mortalities. Nurturing ourselves through acquiring things we think we need and deserve. (My therapist would be so proud.)

I suppose if I can convince myself that I don't need so much stuff - either holding onto things or acquiring more - then I don't have to be responsible for so much either (storage, maintenance, etc.). Wouldn't that be nice.

My situation just screams "Yard Sale" doesn't it? Or at least Goodwill or Library or Dumpster, given my lack of motivation.

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" Nurturing ourselves through acquiring things we think we need and deserve. "

I so completely, totally, understand. This is my life, too. I want, I deserve, I need. And I acquire.

And I try, periodically, to simplify, but I hit those plateaus... and fall, inevitably, behind.

Posted by: Jenica at September 28, 2004 12:14 PM

I guess being behind isn't so bad, so long as it eventually gets done. Getting caught up in impossible perfectionist goals oftentimes means I either don't finish things, or they get done in a final hectic scramble. So that's something to work on - getting things done reasonably well, instead of absolute perfection. And not waiting until the last minute to do it! :)

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at September 29, 2004 09:47 AM

Trying to simplify is more difficult than I thought, although finding things of a multi-purpose nature are the way to go.

Posted by: mingaling at October 1, 2004 09:26 AM