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September 14, 2004

Another Day, Another Commute

Scene: Tuesday morning. Everyone in the train car is quietly preoccupied with their usual activities - reading a book or a paper, listening to music through their headphones, staring off into space. A man's voice loudly breaks the silence. After a moment it becomes clear he is speaking into his cellphone. (He is seated somewhere behind me.) I am reading, but quickly pull out my notepad, grateful that it comes with a miniature pen. As I scribble I can feel the smirks and hear mild snickers from the passengers around me.

Man: Steve! There's a little skinny white guy coming....No! Not that one - there's another skinny little white guy. You got to watch him too. Ok, I'm en route, I'll see you soon.

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eh? I don't get it...

Posted by: Daniella at September 14, 2004 03:59 PM

I gather the conversation had to do with some kind of contractor work, and the guy was talking about some of the workmen. I only managed to catch the oddest-sounding bits (the stuff I wrote down). Oh well. Sorry it was unclear.

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at September 14, 2004 04:02 PM

By the way, S... are the 100 Things new or did I just not notice them before? Either way, great description of yourself.

Though you are definitely NOT "chunky".

That Lady Crumpet is one fine woman.

Posted by: Daniella at September 14, 2004 04:05 PM

They've been there for a while; I used to have buttons for the links but I removed them for the as-yet-unfinished revamping of the site. I probably need to update it, but thanks dahling!

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at September 14, 2004 04:13 PM

He obviously knows more about aliens than we do :) who ever said they were green little guys knew a heck.

Posted by: mademoiselle a. at September 16, 2004 04:34 AM