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July 13, 2004

Terror Spam, a Redundancy?

Update: title corrected, as I couldn't think of the right word at the time.

There's the usual vile porn or erectile dysfunction or Nigerian scam subject headers. Some surreal stream-of-conscious ones too. Now we have terror spam. Currently being cleaned out of my junk mail folder: multiple copies of OSAMA STRIKES AGAIN.

I'm not equating spammers with terrorists, but I think it's safe to say we hate both groups with equal vehemence. If spammers can find our in-boxes, why can't we find this madman? Yeah, I know, that's not a valid statement, but both situations are maddening and frustrating because it seems there isn't enough will to get things done. In my more tin foil hat moments, I wonder if we'll get an October surprise: "look, look, we found him" blah blah blah.

Hmmm. Maybe this is Republican spam.

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