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July 13, 2004

Spiderman, the Musical?

Wonders, or at least oddities, never cease. From today's Lowdown by Lloyd Grove [NYDN]:

Spidey on stage?: Award-winning "Lion King" director Julie Taymor is apparently in negotiations to stage a Broadway version of "Spider-Man." Yesterday at the Ischia Film and Music GlobalFest on the Italian island off Naples, Taymor revealed that she's talking about a stage adaptation of the famed cartoon strip - which has already produced two hit movies. She said a Broadway production, if it happens, is two or three years in the future.

Checked out Spiderman 2 a few weekends ago with the usual suspects, and it was a pleasure to watch something that was both fun and really good. I know one has to lower her expectations when it comes to summer movies, but it's nice not to think of a film as "well, that didn't suck."

Alas, that was not quite what I got out of seeing King Arthur with some of my New York gal pals. Clive Owen, royally yummy. Check. Ioan Gruffudd speaking in his natural Welsh accent, dashing and pretty and fighting with two swords. Most assuredly a check. We even have Stephen Dillane as Merlin, but blink and you'll miss him. Blue paint isn't so hot on him as it is on Keira Knightley (Guinevere, Warrior Princess - how many times is this quip going around?). And I even thought the battle over the ice was kinda cool - under-ice camera shots and all. I'm not so up on the history to know what's been flubbed or made simplistic, but overall it just struck me as very drab. I think what appeals to me about Arthur, as the literature has shown, is the legend, the mythology, the romance that has captured people's imaginations for centuries. King Arthur is the story of the birth of England, but in this rendering of the story, we seem to be going for a faux History Channel/CSI recreation of what might have really happened. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

That said, I knew what I was in for, so I don't really have an actively hostile opinion about it - except on one point. Where was the hot love scene? Where was the bodice-ripping, the breaking of furniture? Some howls of ecstatic pleasure would have been nice. But no, we just have some timid kissing and Guinevere's hand guiding Arthur's up the outer length of her thigh. Surely Arthur has had some experience with women? No chemistry or heat, whatsoever.

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I can't believe you saw King Arthur without me!!!

Posted by: LTR at July 14, 2004 03:53 PM

Now Scott has no one to see King Arthur with... No big loss for Scott, actually.

Posted by: carol o at July 15, 2004 08:00 AM

Yes, I believe he feels we took the bullet for him. ;)

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at July 19, 2004 08:57 AM