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July 28, 2004

Other fashion moments in Film

We are now in possession of the first season of Wonder Woman on DVD - the one that's set in the 1940s and the bad guys are the Nazis. One of my favorite episodes from when I was a kid was the one where Diana Prince has to go undercover. She goes from wearing her navy military skirted uniform, to this dazzling white halter dress and coordinating shoes, and she dons a curly, bobbed, red-headed wig. And, oh, the shoes. There was a closeup, and they were white and strappy and had cute little bows. I think the style was a wedge heel. Naturally dopey Steve Trevor does a double-take.

I recently saw Before Sunrise, in preparation for Before Sunset. I don't know that the film has aged well for me, but I still have tender feelings for it. Anyway, Julie Delpy wears a simple ring on her index finger. A huge oval olive-green stone in a silver setting. Dramatic because of the size of the stone and yet it's not ostentatious because it isn't some gigantic dowager ring. I've already been in pursuit of a fun, funky cocktail ring, so seeing that ring made watching the movie again a productive experience.

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