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July 27, 2004

By turns elated and abashed

So yesterday I learned two things:

1. I recently whinged about not knowing about the Finn Brothers soundcheck and missing out. As a librarian I should take full advantage of available resources, and I should have joined the message boards at Frenz much, much sooner. Like, a month ago. But the fan club liaison read my message to him from the tour bus and came through for me. So I'm on the list now. I'm trying to decide if I should get him a T-shirt or bake him cupcakes. Would that be ironic, considering the cutting scorn of a certain song written by Neil and Tim?

Oh, right. Yeah, I'm a lifetime member of the official fanclub, which covers everyone from Split Enz, Crowded House, the Finns, and the offshoots and progeny (quite literally, because Neil's son Liam has his own band Bechadupa). Scoff if you like, but I'm getting into soundcheck.

2. I got my Handspring yesterday and had to mess with it for hours because of a heart-stopping "Fatal Error" message. Attempted various methods for resetting the device, which involve pushing buttons on the one side and fitting a paper clip into the tiny reset hole on the other side. Simultaneously. Turns out some of my third-party apps weren't playing nice with the Visor's op system. I was able to load the most important stuff - my address book and my password program. And then I began to load the third-party files piecemeal. At some point I realized that the batteries to my old Palm was nearing empty, so I put in some new ones in order to beam stuff as needed. But even bleary-eyed, I could see that the screen resolution was no longer wonky. That's right, ladies and gents - the IIIx is working! I may have to do a hard reset because I can't get to the digitizer screen with my stylus, but it looks like it's not dead yet. I guess it's not so bad if we become a 2-PDA household. Then we can play Pong!

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