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July 12, 2004

BABB Roundup

Late to the roundup game, as I had little time to sit at a computer over the weekend and got back to ATL late last night, but here I go anyway.

Siberia is aptly named - a bar perilously close to the tourist masses in Times Square. I guess technically I count as one of them, only visiting for the weekend as it was. But I attempted to be a fabulous creature rather than a wallflower and had the great pleasure of meeting or becoming reacquainted with: the triumvirate of cohosts - Mike, Daniella, and Ken; many lovely, funny, sparkling, bubbly, witty gals - some of whom I've read or heard good word of but had never yet met: Kambri Crews, A Girl Named Bob, Dahl, This Fish, Krissa, Smitten, A Picture of Me, and Stephanie Klein. I seem to have met more of the women than the men, but shout-outs as well to Jesse and Tales From the City (who jammed the jukebox with lots of Donna Summer).

Other highlights - getting conked on the head by Daniella's gorgeous silver and jade bracelet as she was swung about dancing (vodka tonics always go better for me with a mild concussion, I should think); Krissa's hysterical story about the "brother-fuckers"; discussing the merits of bikini waxing and the problems of brown-ink tattoos with This Fish and Miss Krissa (was that informative enough for you, Mr. Wolf?); Kambri's tale of being put on the spot by her boyfriend while doing a sketch for the first time in several years. There followed an unofficial after-party of dinner with the co-hosts, of which I became the unofficial hostess (being the most sober), and which I promptly flubbed - our first choice for Thai being a non-wheelchair-accessible restaurant. But another place was found, spring rolls and entrees were consumed, washed down with glasses of Singha. The happily tipsy Daniella and I split some mango and sticky rice for dessert, and then we all wended our way to our various trains - some rides more pleasant than others (more on that later).

Fellow BABB roundups: Mike, Daniella (with pictures!), Stephanie (more pictures!), Bob, Fish, Krissa.

Yours, &c., LC | 10:52 AM | New York minutes | Comments (2)


You are fabulous. FABU-LOUS! Can't wait till you're back again. next trip, it's your turn to hit me with jewelry.

Posted by: Daniella at July 12, 2004 01:57 PM

It was awesome meeting you!

Posted by: BOB at July 13, 2004 01:46 AM