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June 21, 2004

The Library v. Google, Round 7,951

Old Search Engine, The Library, Tries to Fit Into a Google World [Katie Hafner, NYT, 6/21/04] Actually, the "battle" is probably squillions of times over that number. Libraries are having to contend with users turning more often to Google as their first, and sometimes only, line of research. And this isn't just a matter of people avoiding going to hard copy print resources in the stacks. They're also not using other electronic resources that would be better suited to their needs. The article focuses mainly on academic libraries, with remarks from librarians on facing the reality of the way people are conducting research, and how to make their collections more accessible to people - both the digital and the print. It's not that librarians think ill of Google; it's just that good material is not always available online, or if it is online, Google may not always be able to find it. But this is an area we librarians can work on - getting that message out to people and showing them the many ways and means to do thorough research. The following remarks offer a good explanation of what librarians are trying to achieve:

"Although it seems like an apocalyptic change now, over time we'll see that young people will grow up using many ways of finding information," said Abby Smith, director of programs at the Council on Library and Information Resources, a nonprofit group in Washington.

"We'll see the current generation we accuse of doing research in their pajamas develop highly sophisticated searching strategies to find high quality information on the Web," Dr. Smith said. "It's this transition period we're in, when not all high-quality information is available on the Web that's what we lament."

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